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Dance and movement

“ The project inner rhythm is born from many hours of dance and psychotherapy, from organized and facilitated workshops, from projects I started and left behind, from the image of an older woman dancing in the street and that makes me want to be like her at her age, from the image of a young man that I see from the train that dances with his eye close in the train station, from my own need of connection and purpose.”

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Free flow

live movement workshop

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development through coaching and movement

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Dance with nature

live movement workshop

Online workshops


Creative coaching

The is a rhythm, a voice, a dance, a unique creativity that is only yours.

Are you ready to listen with fascination?

If you are, then it will lead you to the self that you always dreamed you could be.

Inner rhythm podcast

Starting with the year 2019, I started recording a monthly podcast with different persons from Cluj-Napoca and not only, about movement, therapeutic art and nature.

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