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What is creative coaching?

In the creative coaching process we use creative tools to solve problems or explore themes; from dance, poetry, writing, drawing, nature, visualization and others.
Each process is unique and every person I work with has personal preferences, sensitivities and unique tendencies for different creative tools. 


safe space

An open and non-judgmental attitude of all thoughts, emotions and sensations can create a holding and trusting space. Without this foundation all technique or methodology can have little success because the body and the subconscious remain in a contracted and defended state, unable to be impregnated by change.


Cu ce teme am lucrat și lucrez în sesiuni?

  • reglare emoțională (anxietate)

  • împrietenire cu emoții și stări (singurătate, tristețe, furie, rușine)

  • limite personale fragile

  • conflicte relaționale

  • iritabilitate și reactivitate crescută în relații

  • stres și dificultate de relaxare

  • ruminare mentală

  • auto-critică

"I learn every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me, not to scare me."

— Tracee Ellis Ross



I trusted Cristina and felt to share with her certain aspects of my self, instinctively knowing that she will be there for me with a new perspective
and tools to help me overcome some blockages in my life.
I was right and after the second session I overcome an aspect I was attached to by understanding why it was there and why I wanted to let it go... and I did it having more courage that ever.

- Doina

For many months I had been struggling with translating a powerful vision, related to my soul work and life direction, to reality.

​​​​​​Cristina's warm presence, open listening, intuitive feedback – gently guided me through a process of unfolding this vision, expressing it more clearly and confidently, and taking first steps towards realizing it.

I am deeply grateful to Cristina for showing me the power of true coaching, for the notes she wrote down, and the themes she helped me uncover.

- Dhyan Or

Cristina is one of the most open, positive and dedicated person I've met. It's a real pleasure spending time with her.

Through our sessions, I got more insight into a subject that was concerning me, but that I never had the chance to explore in depth. I appreciated the questions that she used to guide the conversation and helped me find new things about myself.

- Gabriela

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