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Dance with nature

"Când te scufunzi în lumea naturală, hoinărești puțin prin peisajul sufletului tău"                                                                                                                                                                - Andreas Weber

What is dance with nature?

Dance with nature is a practice focused on bringing more awareness around the relationship one has with nature and with oneself using the the body and the presence o nature as means. When we bring our body closer to nature and we get into a direct and physical contact with the elements: with the earth, the air, the water, the leaves, our body calms itself, our breathing deepens and we start to feel as part o nature. Our problems seem to get smaller in comparison to the height of trees and we see how we participate in the cycle of life and death together with the other beings and that we have our own place in the family of things (Mary Oliver).

It's a practice that even if it has a structure, is always different, because the inner and outer nature changes, and the locations I use or these event may vary.

Why practice dance with nature?

Observing nature can help us better understand our inner world, as the processes we see in nature can also be found in the processes of our inner world, because the same life flow passes through us and the organic life. Many of us are becoming more and more conscious of the disconnect from nature that we share as a human species and that we can observe through climate changes, massive changes of fauna and flora, earth resources exhaustion and many more. And maybe the real disconnect is the one we have with our own nature: we are not beings separate from nature, but we are part of her.  If we observe that the plants prepare and transform raw substances in nutritious substances, digestible by our digestive systems, we can say that the plants and the space they occupy are as much part of a human as his mouth, teeth and stomach.(Silvio Gesell)

By connecting to the world of sensations and sensuality, we connect to the poetry of life, the poetry that our body writes daily and the poetry the earth body recites every day for us if we would only stop and listen.


About the practice

Dance with nature is an organic tapestry of:

  • grounding

  • imagination and comunication with nature

  • accessing body fluidity

  • authentic movement

How can you practice dance with nature?

You can access this practice through:

  • live events (more details on Fb)

  • recorded session that you can listen by yourself in nature (soon)

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