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Free flow

"I am rooted but I flow"

                                                    - Virginia Wolf

What is free flow?

Free flow is a practice I have created in the last years of personal exploration and facilitation. 

The root idea of the practice is accessing the state of flow, on all three levels: physical, mental and emotional. The state of flow, as the last studies say, is a meditative state, a state of ease in which the worries of the mind disappear and are replaced by openness, receptivity and vitality.

It's a gentle, feminine and incremental practice, that many time surprises people that are not used to move or say they don't know how to dance, by finding themselves moving freely and intuitively.

Why practice free flow?

We are living in mentally overstimulated times, and it's possible to lose ourselves in fears, objectives and values that don't belong to us. Neither of us is guilty of this, but it's due to the fact that the majority of us lack family, school and society education with regard to coming back to ourselves and our inner world, to be encouraged to find our answers inside and to believe that we know best what is good for us. So many of us need to develop this connection at adult age and due to neuroplasticity, it is possible. Connection with the body is a direct way of communication with our heart and our inner world, and the free flow practice is accessible for persons with any mobility or ability.

During our evolution on this earth we will encounter multiple moments of tension, of different intensities, moments of growth when a branch starts to grow from the tree, creating a tension point. It's important to understand that these tension points of our inner world will also be found at the physical lever, and that we can consciously choose to not run away from the symptoms and discomfort by covering them with distractions, but to create space inside ourselves for these tensions to find a way through our body and to flow trough it.

While we cultivate this inner space and the capacity of receptivity to internal sensations, the body starts to whisper to us, to communicate to us, to guide us to where our life force wants to flow towards more and more life. 

Physical imbalances (chronic pain, inflammation and other disease) and emotional imbalances (depression and anxiety) have a component of repression of bodily sensations, emotions and self expression. The fear of allowing ourselves to feel and express freely keep us blocked in a numbing, hiper intellectualized and disconnected state. To start releasing this tap to feel what we have stored over the years inside the tissues and cells, opens us up to receiving more vitality and inner knowing.


About the practice

Free flow is an organic tapestry of:

  • breathing

  • grounding

  • accessing inner fluidity

  • connection between body and imagination

  • deep work with body tension

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