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Free flow is a practice I have created in the last years of personal exploration and facilitation. Through this recording you can practice by yourself at home.

The root idea of the practice is accessing the state of flow, on all three levels: physical, mental and emotional. The state of flow, as the last studies say, is a meditative state, a state of ease in which the worries of the mind disappear and are replaced by openness, receptivity and vitality.

It's a gentle, feminine and incremental practice, that many time surprises people that are not used to move or say they don't know how to dance, by finding themselves moving freely and intuitively.


What does this practice contain?

- short grounding meditation

- accessing body fluidity

- connecting to imagination and inner space

- feeling the difference between contained and free flow

- working in depth with body tension


More details about the practice:

You can taste from this practice in the video above.

The package contains a guided practice with music.

Duration: 45 min


Free flow practice

  • mp3

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